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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?

For registration we use a minimalist platform called Ubindi, which keeps our expenses down, and presents a few hoops to jump through, especially at first. Once you get the hang of it, its simplicity is its strongest feature. 

Registration is two-fold.

*First you register as a student by going to and then selecting "Newbie? Sign up". After you enter the appropriate information, including an email address you will check, the system will ask if you are a teacher. Please select No (it's asking if you will be using Ubindi to offer your own classes -- I can give you a referral if that is the case!) and then enter the appropriate information and select "Sign Up." Then, you will check your email for the 4-digit code and enter that information. You are in!

*After that initial set-up, you can register for the class you would like to try first. Hover over the column where the classes are listed to scroll down to review the class options. If you select the title, a class description will pop up. When you find one you like, select "Register" to open a new window which will prompt your payment. At the very top of that window, it says "Please confirm to reserve your spot." You can select the green "Confirm & Pay" button to pay for that individual class, or you can scroll down to see the class passes or packages that include that class, and select that subscription or pass instead. A new window will appear for your payment information, and then you just show up for class!

After you register as a new student at Kindred Flow, you will receive an email from us with a link to fill out an online waiver prior to attending class.

What is the difference between a subscription and a class pass?

Depending on your level of commitment to your practice, you might prefer either a subscription or a class pass. 

Subscriptions automatically renew each month, and give you the most significant savings overall. They are priced so you can attend one class a week ($50/month) or two classes a week ($100/month) and still get a better price per class even when you are on vacation! For example, if you attend class four times in one month, your class rate breaks down to $12.50/class. If you are sick or traveling and miss a week, you still only pay $16.67/class, still cheaper than the $18 drop-in rate. 

Other available subscriptions are three classes per week at $140/month, which brings the per class rate down to $11.67/class. The best deal we offer is an annual subscription for $1,150/year for UNLIMTED yoga.


All of our subscriptions automatically renew on or around the date that you first purchased your subscription. For example, if I started my $100 subscription on November 11, the next payment would occur automatically on December 11. 

Please note: class passes and subscriptions are non-transferable. 

Help! After I registered, I realized I cannot attend class.
How do I cancel?

From Ubindi, scroll to the class for which you are registered. It should say "Going" in the bottom right. Once you select "Going" a window will open giving you the option to cancel. Select "Cancel" and you are set!

Your teacher appreciates having an accurate head count for class AND if you are a class pass holder, you will preserve a class credit, too! Thank you!

If I have a subscription or a class pass, do I have to commit to certain classes each week?

Not at all! Our classes are your classes. If you enjoy a certain class, teacher, or style, you are welcome to commit to that each week, but if "life happens" and you can't make that particular class, please attend a different one. In fact, attending a variety of classes with different styles and teachers helps one become a more well-rounded student of yoga. 

What is a Wellness Warrior?

A Wellness Warrior is someone who understands that is more to life than waking up dreading the day ahead, experiencing constant stress and enduring chronic fatigue or inflammation. I chose the word Wellness for obvious reasons -- the parent company I started before the studio is called Yoga for Wellness, and as I believe yoga is the gateway to paying more attention to your body and the messages it is trying to send your brain, it just made sense to include the term "Wellness". I understand someone might not identify with the term "Warrior" as at first glance it does not appear very "yogic." However, as anyone who has pulled off a daunting challenge can tell you, it involves education, training, deliberate decision-making, and accountability. Warriors traditionally embody all of those things, and we do, too. Plus, it feels good to intentionally take informed action and to build repetition until it's no longer a decision to make a more healthful choice, but instead a beautiful habit. The process is truly amazing to watch unfold. 

How can I get free classes?

There are two ways to get a free class or free classes. 

The first way to obtain free classes is through our referral program, linked here. You send your referral code to a friend, they use it to register AND pay for their first class, and then a free class pops into both of your accounts. The good news? You can use this as frequently as you would like, with new friends.

Another way to obtain free classes is to work an even exchange. We are looking for a trustworthy individual to clean the studio, including kitchen and bathrooms weekly, in exchange for free classes at Kindred Flow. The number of classes equates to the number of hours spent cleaning. Please email if you are interested. 

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